TM-Sprayer™ Tissue MALDI Sample Prep System

HTX Imaging is dedicated to the ongoing advancement of molecular imaging technologies, with a primary focus on the implementation of sample preparation and MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging. 

Our patented TM-Sprayer™ Tissue MALDI Sample Preparation System is designed to provide the highest quality matrix deposition on the two-dimensional biological samples, and can be integrated with any MALDI Mass Spectrometer platform.

At HTX, we understand that your samples contain valuable information and we want to make sure that they are not compromised during sample preparation.  Throughout this web site you will find information on MALDI Imaging sample prep, workflow implementation, available instrumentations and best practices.  We offer our products and services worldwide and we encourage you to contact us for more information.

TM-Sprayer for Automated MALDI Matrix Deposition

Because the principle of MALDI MS is based on the introduction of a UV-activated matrix molecule in the immediate proximity of the analyte, it is imperative to control the process by which matrix is introduced in the sample.  Unique in design, the TM-Sprayer provides heat to the matrix solution to accelerate adsorption into the tissue, as well as a controlled flow of dry air or nitrogen to focus the spray and control drying time.

Traditional Matrix Deposition Challenge

Scientists whom have implemented MALDI matrix deposition know that any step towards automation greatly improves data quality, but are also aware that most matrix deposition systems face a difficult challenge:  Absorption vs. Delocalization 

With the TM-Sprayer™, this challenge is addressed by increasing the temperature of the matrix solution to accelerate absorption of the matrix into the tissue, while controlling drying time to make sure analytes do not have time to migrate throughout the tissue. 


TM-Sprayer™, a Unique Solution to the Matrix Deposition Challenge

Using the TM-Sprayer™ the matrix solution is both heated and pressurized, which gives the matrix spray several beneficial properties:

  • The heated matrix is able to better penetrate the tissue surface and reach analytes.
  • The faster rate of evaporation avoids the creation of large matrix crystals (often known to create hot spots).
  • The pressurized spray is very directional, ensuring a precise location of the matrix deposition.
  • The combined effect of the nozzle velocity and sheath gas flow (dry air or nitrogen can be used) allows for controlled drying speed.


Method Development Files

To help new users, HTX publishes detailed technical notes showing how the TM-Sprayer is set to achieve specific goals.  All method parameters are available and provide proven starting points and references.