Proprietary Heated Spray Nozzle

The HTX TM-Sprayer is based on a patented spray nozzle design.  Originally developed to deposit “hard-to-dissolve” polymers onto sample plates the unique spray technology is well suited for matrix deposition.  The unique combination of heat (the nozzle can be temperature controlled up to 140 C), pressure (carrier solvent is delivered at high pressure by an isocratic pump) and drying sheath gas (Dry Air or Nitrogen) result in a precisely controlled solvent/matrix deposition that can be used for many matrix types.

HTX TM-Sprayer complete system

HTX TM-Sprayer complete system

Highly Uniform Deposition.  Precise Controls


Thanks to its ingenious design, the spray nozzle delivers matrix solution from <10µl/min to 0.250 ml/min without the frequent clogging associated with other technologies.  In addition, the spray nozzle offers several ways to control spray characteristics including:

  • Spray flow rate
  • Spray Nozzle movement and velocity
  • Spray temperature
  • Spray drying time
  • Spray composition



Product Characteristics and Key Differentiators

The ability to control spray temperature, produce super dry deposition comparable to matrix sublimation, maximize protein extraction, and prep samples in less than 10 minutes set the HTX TM-Sprayer aside from other automated matrix deposition system.  Find out more by downloading the instrument brochure and requesting a quote.