Researchers have found many uses for MALDI mass spectrometry imaging in the process of drug development:

  • Visualizing the effects of new therapies by determining the precise distribution of drugs and drug metabolites in a tissue section

  • Potential target identification of compounds in therapeutic pathways by comparing the biomolecular composition of healthy and diseased tissues

  • Optimizing drug delivery mechanisms

  • Predicting or understanding the mechanism of action of a drug’s toxicity

For pharmaceutical research and development, experimental protocols must be reproducible, robust, and easy-to-use. The proprietary spray technology of the HTX TM-Sprayer and M5 Sprayer guarantees a very fine, uniform, and consistent matrix coating crucial for high-resolution imaging and relative quantification of analytes.


HTX Application Note #42

MALDI IMS can allow a better understanding of the molecular and cellular processes underlying the pathologic findings in pre-clinical drug development that could enable scientists to better anticipate and predict human risk and response to a candidate pharmaceutical. In the present study, we aimed to investigate the potential age sensitivity to dabrafenib-induced renal toxicity.

HTX Application Note #47